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Divine 9 Water Based Lubricant 4oz

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Divine 9 Water-Based Personal Lubricant is perfectly formulated to make intimate moments more intensely pleasurable with an incredibly slick formula. It provides a skin-on-skin sensation for the ultimate sensual experience without leaving any residue or sticky mess. It leaves your skin moisturized and feeling fresh because of its hypoallergenic formula and its key ingredient, carragel. Carragel is a blend of plant extracts from the sea that are soothing to the skin and reduces irritation. Furthermore, in independent lab studies, carragel was found to be an extremely potent inhibitor of Human Papillomavirus, or Hpv, which is the most common sexually transmitted disease in the world. Enjoy every sensual experience, along with the potential health benefits, with this hypoallergenic personal lubricant with carragel.